Individual Work

Individual Somatic- Based Therapy:

As a mindfulness and somatic-based therapist, Miriam offers powerful tools of transformation for people to open to, heal with, and befriend all parts of themselves. Her therapeutic approach centers on creating the space for each individual to discover ways to utilize their innate untapped wisdom as an ally in their healing.  She believes mindfulness and somatic-based interventions are accessible to anyone to help investigate and transform core beliefs and re-evaluate thought patterns. She aims to facilitate an experiential, relational, somatic, and person-centered experience for her clients integrating Somatic Experiencing® techniques, mindfulness-based psychotherapy, reiki, and meditation.

These techniques result in discovering a more present, re-vitalized state that will be freer of stress, with a better ability to function on all levels. Clients who engage in these methods share that their lives are more positive, have an enhanced sense of well-being, and have better relationships all around.

Cost: $210 per 50 minute session (sliding scale available)

Mindfulness Meditation Coaching:

Whether you are just getting started with mindfulness practices or have been practicing for a while, there are always times where we can use some additional guidance to overcome obstacles and deepen our practice. Miriam offers instruction and support to cultivate your practice in one-on-one sessions. Available through Skype as well.

Cost: $210 per 50 minute session  —  $1100 for a 6 session package

Reiki Sessions:

Unresolved or chronic stress is stock-footage-holding-growing-rose-floweracknowledged as the underlying cause of most physical and psychological challenges. Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive practice that induces a “relaxation response” to allow the mind-body continuum to adjust and re-balance itself.

Miriam uses a soft, light touch to focus and infuse vibrations into areas on or above the body to promote homeostatic balance and greater overall well-being. She will offer insights for your healing to take forward with you based on what she assesses from the session.

Cost:  $180 for 1 1/2 hour — $250 for 2 hours

If you would like to learn more, please contact Miriam at [email protected]