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Skeptical of Meditation? Great! Test it Yourself…

Some folks may have trouble getting started with a meditation practice because it may seem too “New Agey” or they feel odd closing their eyes and not actually talking when in a group of people.

News anchorman, Dan Harris was admittedly one of these folks until he had a panic attack live on the air, prompting him to make some changes in his life. Cynical at first, he tried meditation practice to see if it could actually address his own intense stress and anxiety. Now, he’s a huge advocate for meditation and even wrote a book about it: 10% Happier, a humorous take on how this simple practice made him a happier person.

Are you still skeptical this practice is worth your time? Good! Test out your own theory by checking it out for yourself. Here are some helpful tips for skeptics to get started from Dan Harris and the folks at Happify.